Trust us to create the home of your dreams. Whether you want a villa, bungalow or a cozy cottage, our experienced architects can deliver.



Experienced builders of factories and warehouses for manufacturing sectors such as textile, cement, steel and machining firms.



Each apartment enclave we design and build is unique. Our architects and contractors excel at delivering highly complex projects.

About us

At USHA constructions we undertake construction works in Coimbatore. Our professionals have been providing home building services to customers for over 4 years. Our focus has been to provide the finest and most comprehensive commercial and industrial construction services in Coimbatore.

Our Services

Our services can be broadly classified into 3 categories


Families in Coimbatore love to live in individual homes. Our goal is to give you the home of your dreams within budget and on-time. Whether you are looking for a Cottage, villa or Bungalow, our architects can come up with a design that exceeds your expectations. We have a reputation as a premier builder in Coimbatore with numerous projects that have been developed over the past decade.


A building company in Coimbatore can be considered a great one if they have successfully completed complex industrial projects. We have expertise in building factory floors, machining floors, godowns and warehouses according to client specifications and which exceed Indian Building Code regulations. The industry sectors we serve include textiles, pump manufacturing, CNC factories, cement warehouses, food manufacturers, packaging plants and many more.


Apartment construction projects are complex and demand expert level project management skills and architectural expertise. We have handled projects ranging from exclusive luxury 12 unit apartment complexes to housing projects that cover over 150 units. We also have experience in designing and building apartment complexes with amenities such as landscaping, gym, party hall, swimming pool, open air theater, playground and solar water heating.

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Work Process

The construction process and should assist Service examiners in understanding terminology used in the construction industry.

01. Concept

All construction projects begin with planning and design.

02. Bidding

The preparation of a bid is the first step in the cost control system.

03. Construction

Fieldwork, is the actual construction of the project.

04. Completion

The final phase of the construction process is known as the completion.